Behind our Swimwear brand

We we started our swimwear brand we knew that we wanted it to be Australian Made, so for the first two years we produced it in Australia and whilst we were happy with the quality of it we just felt that we were restricted to certain fabrics & accessories and not being able to get the ones we really wanted.

We ventured over to our Indonesian neighbours in the search of an ethical manufacturer that met our guidelines of a good work place for it's employees, made the garments in house, was able to source certain fabrics for us...and animal lovers. The Balinese are known for their artisan flair so we wanted to know more about it.

After two trips across the Pacific Ocean we found our perfect fit...when we walked in we were greeted by a dog laying on the factory couch and cats purring around our legs (tick), all of the employees looked happy & the factory was air-conditioned (tick) and they were able to provide us in sourcing the very specific lycra that we wanted & also strong quality accessories.

The quality of our swimwear is what customers return to us for...

- Our Italian lycra has a creamy feel and doesn't lose it's shape in or out of the water

- Our accessories are made of a durable metal, so once they click into place they ain't moving!

- Our swimwear goes through a three person checking quality assurance before it even leaves our warehouse, to make sure each measurement of each piece is correct

- Our labels are heat pressed onto the fabric, so no tags are showing whilst wearing

We design each piece to suit a variety of body shapes and styles that our friends & customers say that they want to see or feel that is missing in the market. When our samples arrive we test them out on different bodies in order to see how they sit and feel.

We are so proud of every suit that is sold and it is a testament to our absolute love and dedication to GREAT swimwear & also in our manufacturer and their high level of quality produced!