Why Tahitian Lime?

By October 29, 2019 November 18th, 2019 Blog

Why You Should Buy Tahitian Lime Swimwear?

For every lady, swimwear is a wardrobe staple. If you think you need a new swimwear piece (don’t we all?), then best believe you do need it. Don’t overthink it. It’s time to do away with that swimwear you’ve been using for years. You’re looking to get your very first swimwear? Perfect! You’re about to make a great decision. 

Of course, you don’t intend to splurge your money on just any swimwear. It’s got to be high-quality and most importantly, it has to give you value for your money. And that, dear pretty woman, is why you should buy a Tahitian lime swimwear. The motto is #ShopTahitianShopQuality and everyone who’s shopped with us knows it’s not just hype.

Need to be further convinced? We thought so and that’s why we came prepared. Here are some of the reasons why you place an order for a swimwear or two or ten from us right away


  1. Our swimwear has been specially made for you 

Yes, you and whoever you intend to gift with one of our pieces. Wondering how this is so? Well, our swimwear has been professionally designed in such a way that it would fit your body like a glove. It would fit so perfectly, everyone would think it was bespoke. 


2. All swimwear is made of carefully handpicked high-quality materials 

Ours isn’t one of those swimwear that begin to fade after one or two washes. All Tahitian Lime swimwear is made with high-quality luxury Italian Lycra. This material is the best out there. No fading. No bubbling. No throwing out. 


3. Exquisite and unique designs 

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to choose between a visually appealing clothing item with poor quality and a not so visually appealing clothing item but with great quality? You most likely have. We don’t do that here, though. Our swimwear is a double dose of eye candy and as you now know, top-notch quality. We do not compromise on either of these qualities. What’s more, the styles our swimwear is made in are timeless and so, you don’t have to worry about choosing a swimwear style that would be out of vogue in a few years. 


4. You would exude confidence differently 

There’s no way you would rock any of our beautiful swimwear and your confidence level wouldn’t increase. If it was at 70%, best believe it would become 100%. You’ve never been one to show skin so you’re bothered about being comfortable in a swimwear? Not to worry, we’ve got you. Putting on any of our perfectly made swimwear comes with comfort and confidence. 

Last but in no way the least, 


5. What you see is what you get 

Our store isn’t one of those that put up pictures of good looking items and then go ahead to deliver something mediocre. We are consistent with all our productions and so when you finally place your order and get it delivered to you, only one comment is sure. “It looks even better physically. Pictures didn’t do it justice!” 


6. Give back to mans best friend

When you buy a suit, 10% is given back to the Animal Kingdom…we are a proud @act4balidogs partner. These guys currently have 99 dogs within their facility in Bali, every cent helps aid in them getting the treatment they need for these beautiful pooches.

Here at Tahitian Lime, we go the extra mile to make the swimwear of your dreams available to you. Our pieces would see to it that you get more than enough compliments whenever you put it on!