Gypsies Safari

By April 12, 2020 Uncategorised

Our Fourth Collection

After our third collection had been so popular and was now in demand, we were so excited to design our fourth collection.

This collection was all about keeping the styles that were popular whilst only making a few new styles that we felt very confident in. Our luxe lycra was an absolute hit for our previous collection (due to it dreamy feel) so we knew that the combination of great styles & cuts along with more stunning prints would be a winning factor again.

The prints for this collection were pretty free and breezy with no real theme in mind, we worked with our graphics artist on certain hues we were drawn to, a feel of ‘anything goes’ from our hearts and once the print samples returned to us we loved how they were different but all had their own personalities.

This shoot took place on the shores of assorted California beaches by one of our fav’ duo’s of photographer hubby & model wife and we just love their carefree lifestyle of beachy hair, tan skin and a minimalist beauty.

J A N U A R Y  2 0 1 9