Choosing the right Bikini Bottoms

By June 26, 2019 December 13th, 2019 Blog

If there’s anything you sure want to feel while putting on a bikini, it is comfort and confidence. This is why bikini shopping is one you ought to carry out with due diligence. If you are especially looking to flaunt your hot legs and butt, then you might want to place more focus on choosing the right bikini bottom. There are various styles, fabrics, and colours to choose from. What’s more, you’ve got to consider your body type too or to be more specific, your butt type. Read on to discover the different styles of bikini bottoms and which would suit your butt perfectly. Before then, though, what factors should you consider before going for a bikini bottom?

  • The activity you would be engaging in

Just going out to the beach or pool to unwind? Then, you should go for one that flatters your figure. Engaging in a sporting activity? Go for a bikini bottom that allows you to move around freely.

  • Your skin tone

Your bikini bottom should flatter not only your body type but it should flatter your skin tone as well. Go for bikini bottoms with prints and colors that look good against your skin.

  • Your butt type and shape

This cannot be stressed enough. Knowing how your butt is shaped and using that knowledge to shop for a bikini bottom would go a long way in accentuating your good features and concealing the not so good ones.

That being said, use this guide to choose the bikini bottom that best suits your butt type

  1. Bikini Bottom for a flat butt

If you have a small or flat butt, chances are that you probably want it to appear a little bit curvy. Achieve this by opting for colorful bikini bottoms, those that have playful prints and are ‘busy’. Busy here refers to having details such as ruffles and frills. They would add more volume to your derriere. Also, be sure to choose a brightly colored bikini bottom as it would make your butt pop better than a lighter color would.

  1. Bikini Bottom for Large Hips

Hips, they say, don’t lie and this is even truer when it comes to bikini bottoms. Show off your curves perfectly by going for solid bikini bottoms that would flatter your hips. As the goal isn’t to add more bulkiness to the hips, you should stay away from bikini bottoms with loud colors and details such as ruffles.

  1. Bikini Bottom for Round Butts

When it comes to outfits and dressing generally, many perks that come with having a round butt. With bikini bottoms, you have no worries either. All you’ve got to do is to stay away from horizontal striped bikini bottoms as it tends to create an even rounder appearance. Also, if you are looking to take away attention from your bum, you should steer clear of bikini bottoms with too many details and loud colors. This would help to balance out the round bum.

Voila! Now that you know the kinds of bikini bottoms that suit your butt type, shopping for and rocking them just got easier. Put the knowledge you’ve gained in this post to use and get to experience 100% confidence and comfort when next you put on a bikini! 


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