Here’s One Feature your Swimwear ought to have but you didn’t Know About

If you were asked to mention what boxes your ideal swimwear ought to tick, you would most likely have lots of things to mention. You would probably talk about how it has to suit your body type perfectly. You won’t forget to mention that it has to highlight your body’s good features while concealing the features you don’t quite fancy. Of course, because you might want to get that Instagram worthy picture, the swimwear also has to be a pretty sight. The list could go on and on based on individual preferences but these are features almost everyone has to agree with. There’s no surprise there as everyone wants to go for the swimwear that gives them good value for their money.

However, there is another thing you ought to place just as much focus on. Many people don’t look out for it but there’s one sure thing. And that is the fact that you would no longer be one of those rocking swimwear without this feature. That’s because this post would let you in on the secret! Now, that’s enough suspense in one post. Let’s get right to spilling the tea!

The one feature your swimwear ought to have?

It ought to be made from Italian Lycra! And no, it’s not just any Italian Lycra but rather, the one with the highest quality. Wondering why this is significant? It is because many swimwear brands out there make use of cheap Chinese Lycra. Since we have all agreed that amidst other features, we sure want to get value for money, then it’s best to go for quality products that would last a long time. Not only do these cheap Chinese Lycra not last for long but they also tend to ‘bubble’ after a few years. The bubble here refers to that thing where swimwear balloon out with air and begin to lose their firmness, making the wearer look funny.

This post is, however, not about slandering any kind of material. Why not let’s channel words into telling you more about why these luxury Italian Lycra are what you should go for. From now on, you should insist on getting a swimwear made with luxe Italian Lycra because

  1. It looks amazing in water…

And even better out of it. One distinctive feature of the luxury Italian Lycra is how visually appealing and comfortable it is.

  1. It is a no ‘bubble’ zone

This has been stated earlier but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate. The swimwear made with this Italian Lycra can hold their shape for as long as forever!

  1. It is soft and strong at the same time

The best of both textural worlds? Yes, please

  1. It is 100% durable

Nobody wants the bright and solid colours of their swimwear to fade after a few contacts with water. So, it’s luxury Italian Lycra to the rescue. With it, you don’t have to worry about washing a few times or chlorinated water making the colour of your swimwear fade away.

Even if you can count on one hand how many times a year you put on a swimwear, you’ve still got to make those times count. Investing in high quality, luxury Italian Lycra swimwear from us is one of the ways to make this happen!


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