Nothing compliments our swimwear more than glorious sun, sand and water! Whether your preference is a swimming pool, fresh water creek or salty seas, here are some tips on how to properly take care of your Tahitian Lime swimsuit to ensure it stays buttery soft, looking good and lasting the distance.


Our swimwear is made from Italian lycra which is a combination of 78% Nylon / 22% spandex. (yes we are talking buttery soft ladies!). We recommend the following:

Wash Your Swimsuit After Wearing

Regardless of whether or not you actually go in the water, your natural body oils along with sand, chlorine and sunscreen can still wear down swimwear. Make sure you wash your swimsuit after every wear to help extend the life of the fabric and prevent fading. After each use, you want to rid the swimsuit of any chlorine or salt water. As soon as you are done wearing it, wash it. If you are unable to then at least give it a good rinse in cool water until you are able to access detergent and a sink.



Hand Washing is Best! Don’t just chuck your suit in the washing machine! We recommend hand washing in cool water with a mild eco friendly detergent. This is vital for preserving the integrity of the Italian lycra, silhouette and fit.

Easy steps for hand washing:

  •  Fill a sink or basin with cool water
  • Add your swimsuit and a few drops of detergent
  • Gently knead the detergent into the fabric
  • Leave it to soak for 10-15 min
  • Rinse with fresh cool water
  • Lightly wring out the suit

TIPS: Avoid stretching and loosening the fabric by wringing it out aggressively.

Dry Your Swimsuit

Lay your suit flat on a towel to dry in a shaded outside area. This will help to preserve the fabric. Allow your suit to dry completely before your put it away or pack it for your next beach day.


Things to Avoid

Avoid drying on rough surfaces as damage may be caused. Don’t hang your suit to dry as it may cause stretching and damage the weave of the fabric. Avoid leaving your suit to dry in the sun as it can cause bleaching, fading and break down the fabric. Never dry your suit in a tumble dryer as too much heat will break down the lux Italian lycra over time and compromise the colour, silhouette and fit of your suit.

How to Deal with Stains

Steer clear of bleach and other stain removers. If you have a stain, dampen the area before washing and add a drop of mild eco friendly detergent. Leave it to sit for a few minutes then knead just the stained area to work the detergent in, then soak and hand wash the entire suit as you would normally. 

When you treat your TL swimsuit like the luxe quality it is, it'll definitely be with you all your future adventures for years to come!