What is your role at Tahitian Lime?

I am the head designer, Brooke and I both design but I would say I am the perfectionist to each style being exactly how we want it to fit to the particular body, and also which customer and body shape would be interested in loving up each suit.


What is your typical day like?

Well I have a four year old son, so when I am not busy with him or on his Preschool days I am in our tropical Port Douglas store meeting our rockin’ customers and fitting them for their perfect suits. I set out our newsletters for the week and try to do as many Boomerang videos as I can so our social media family can see what suits & clothing is like on.


Have you always been a swimwear designer?

Ha No….I was a zoo keeper for over 8 years! My sister Brooke and I were talking about starting a Swimwear brand for years and it wasn’t until she moved up to Port Douglas that we knew we had to do it now or never, and 5 years on we are reaching our goals!


We hear you are a mad Animal Lover?

YES! Absolutely, always have been. We grew up on a farm when we were young and our best friend and neighbour owned a private zoo so we were always around animals and getting to know their personalities. Brooke is always laughing at me as if an animal needs me, I’m there. You can really judge a persons true self by how they treat animals. When we started Tahitian Lime, our mission was to of course create beautiful vibrant pieces but to also give back to the Animal Kingdom and we have stayed true to that since the beginning.


What’s next for Tahitian Lime?

To create an equally amazing clothing line, help more animals…and oh I don’t know – World domination ha!


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