Who are you and what do you do at Tahitian Lime?
I am one of the designers, along with my sister Prue!
What do you enjoy most about your job?
Oh there are so many aspects to this job that I love, but my favourite would be the actual design process and selecting our prints, playing around with what print will suit what styles and watching it come to life on screen and then when it is delivered to us.
What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the industry?
Ask questions if you want to know information about the trade. Don't be afraid to tell your manufacturer that you don't understand something but are wanting to learn it. It is a lot of hard work and long hours (ha currently 9:07pm for this interview). The trade off is awesome but you need to be willing to work for it!
Since you're the fit experts, any tips of how to find the perfect fit?
95% of our styles are true to size and on par with underwear sizing which makes it super easy. Go with styles that you know work for your shape...and if it isn't a perfect fit then just return it to us - easy!
What's in your Tahitian Lime shopping cart?
My go to is the Venice One Piece. I wore it pre & post baby and I just love that I can be in a one piece but still feel sexy with the deep plunge at the front and low crossover back features... and yes I have it in every print!
Favourite TV show?
Was, is and always will be Beverly Hills 90210. It was all about the ultimate friendships in the ultimate zip code.
Favourite movie?
The Notebook...of course!
Bikini or one piece?
I wear both, but I do love a good One Piece day!
Margarita or wine?
Margarita baby! Honestly I can't stand the taste of wine (I know so odd right) ha!
Pool or ocean?
Pool for sure. We live in the tropics which means there are a few crocs to always be mindful of.
What does #FeelTheFit mean to you?
It means quality, comfort & something you can be in all day...from pool to bar and it's also all about our super, buttery, soft, luxe lycra!